Company Course

Language courses for companies

- you will be learning in a group of 4-10 students
- 2x2 or 3x2 clasess per week
- with your collegues who have the same level of knowledge
- at an inlingua centre or your company's premises
- according to the programme tailor-made to suit your needs

If you need to learn fast or you duties make you do that, individual clasess are the right choice for you!
- flexible times, flexible programme
- at an inlingua centre or your company's premise

Can't make it to the arranged times?
Can't make it to the classes?
You are often away?
There's no inlingua centre near you?
Plug in your laptop wherever you are and you'll have a class at the arranged time!

With the sophisticated inlingua Online Learning tool, iOL, blended learning courses are available. Blended learning combines face-to-face training with a distance learning element and can be tailored to meet the needs of individual learners.

inlingua school offers special discounts to companies.

You can explore various topics from the business world if you choose our
Business Programmes.

APP (Accelerated Professional Programs)
APP courses are aimed at people who want to learn English for business purposes as quickly and efficiently as possible. Levels A1 to C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEF) are covered.

Obtain much-needed self-confidence through the continuous process of practicing the target language and face the business challenges abroad effortlessly!

Business  Modules: modern - modular - market - oriented
The Modules are a range of programs dedicated to specific topics and needs. Learners can select from up to 12 specialized modules, like Managing Successful Meetings, Telephoning or Negiotiating. The courses allow learners to deal with real-world business situations by introducing genuine and versatile language practiced in authentic contexts.

What do you need Business English for? It all depends: on the work you do and your position and responsibilities in the company.
One staff member may have to get results by giving presentations, another by conducting successful negotiations. Yet another has to hold meetings, while his office colleague is responsible for the correspondence, or for direct communication with customers by phone or in person.

inlingua Training Modules The inlingua modular training program therefore focuses on your specific area of competence and the situations in which you need to communicate. We have a total of six modules, all of which enable you to acquire professional and authentic expertise for communication with business partners worldwide:


Business Correspondence

One of the most radical evolutions that have taken place in the work environment is the way in which professionals relate with each other. The internet and e-mail have created a revolution when compared to previous practices. The content of this module prepares professionals so that they can master the techniques and language of this world.

Business Writing

New technologies have completely changed the communication system shared by business. The immediacy of these mediums means that intermediate and high-level tasks need to be conveyed effectively in writing. This module presents the key ways in which one can do this successfully.


Finance and economics are areas which have adopted English as a common language amongst all markets. This module prepares professionals of this specialisation so that they can communicate effectively with colleagues in other countries.

Human Resources

The areas managed by a business’s human resources department are a fundamental part of the organisational chart. Globalisation has made these areas go international, and require specific linguistic skills, as their environment is highly competitive. This module helps individuals enhance these skills.

Interview Skills

Interviews are, in many cases, the most suitable introductory letter professionals in a business environment can use. This module provides the key to a successful and professional interview.


Globalisation has meant that relationships between businesses and institutions from different countries are a regular occurrence. This module offers the necessary tools to learn how to conduct effective negotiations in the international language of the business world.


The technical language used in meetings is extremely precise and specific. In order to successfully take part in business meetings, it is necessary to master this type of vocabulary and any other specific language which often crops up. This module teaches professionals the linguistic techniques they need to use In order to conduct meetings as effectively as possible.


Giving a presentation in front of other professionals is difficult and puts many people’s nerves to the test. But if the presentation also has to be in a foreign language and this language is not properly mastered, the disadvantage is obvious. This module prepares students for successfully delivering convincing and effective public presentations.

Real Estate

The world of real estate is highly competitive , which means that its professionals have to properly prepare in order to answer the demands of their market. Globalisation has caused an internationalisation of clients. This module brings the basic and essential elements of the real-estate world to the table, in order to help its representatives speak English fluently.

Socializing across cultures

The globalised world has shortened distances and labour mobility is a reality. Many professionals need to  have first hand experience of cultural and linguistic differences of countries far away from their home. This module provides the skills needed to mix with professionals from  different countries – always in English.


Economic globalisation means businesses from different countries have to relate ever more closely. If telephone contact is not fluent, the image of the business or institution as a whole is damaged. This module prepares students to communicate by telephone professionally and efficiently.


Globalisation has made business and institutional relationships across borders commonplace. This module offers the skills needed to carry out effective negotiations using the international language of the business world.

Each communication situation offers two possibilities: The Basic Module acts as an introduction to the subject area and provides training in basic skills combined with an APP program. The Advanced Module functions as a program on its own comprehensive, focused and efficient. Supplementary training material is provided, plus a CD which enables you to do further practice and consolidate your skills.

We offer Business English for absolute beginners!