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German language courses for adults


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inlingua® GPP
(General Purpose Program)

This program is for adults who need language skills for everyday communication. It starts at the first level for learners who have no previous knowledge of the target language, and leads up to the highest level of proficiency (C2) of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEF).

english and german

APP Modules
The Modules are a range of programs dedicated to specific topics and needs. Learners can select from up to 12 specialized modules, like Managing Successful Meetings, Telephoning or Negotiating. The courses allow learners to deal with real-world business situations by introducing genuine and versatile language practiced in authentic contexts.


english and german

Blended Learning Programs
With the sophisticated inlingua Online Learning tool, iOL, blended learning courses are available. Blended learning combines face-to-face training with a distance learning element and can be tailored to meet the needs of individual learners

Courses for Adults
We are inviting you to test your language knowledge at any of the inlingua® centres in Belgrade where we will help you choose the right course to suit your needs.
You can choose from a group work, semi-individual, individual or a highly intensive CIP120 programme.
Whatever programme you choose, you will experience advantages of the inlingua® method in learning foreign languages. At the same time, you will easily achieve your preferable language goal in a very pleasant atmosphere.

inlingua CIP 120® programmes
CIP 120® (Crash Intensity Programme) is an exclusive and the most intensive inlingua programme.
Intendent for individuals who must learn a language in shortest possible time.
- The reason for this intensive study may be far a business trip abroad or for meetings and negotiations in foreign language.
The class schedule
- there are 8 sessions of 45 minutes each per day
- the student is by himself with his/her teacher during the course
- the class are very dynamic, and the student is actively involved in conversation
- lunch with the teacher is included in the price and makes learning possible in relaxed atmosphere of a restaurant

inlingua® Individual lessons
Individual lessons are flexible in termes of programme content, lenght and timetable of the classes.
Intended for busy students who do not have much time for learning a foreign language.
- The advantage of individual lessons is that we can adjust the content of the programme to suit the indiidual learner's needs.
- classes can be scheduled and rescheduled anytime during the week so that their frequency and time suit the learner.
- learner has 100% of the centre of your teacher's atention.
- the lessons are held in an inlingua centre or at your company's premises.

inlingua® Semi-individual lessons
Semi-individuals lessons are intended for a group of 2 or 3 students maximum.
Intended for colleagues from work, couples, or friends with the same goal and level of language knowledge.
- one of the advantages of semi-individual lessons is that the programme and lesson plan can be adjusted to suit the individual learner's needs.
- during the course, the learners enjoy the advantages of individual lessons at a favourable price.
- classes can be scheduled and rescheduled during a week so that their frequency and time suit the learner.
- the lessons are held at inlingua centre or your firm's premises.

inlingua® Group lessons
Group lessons are intended for a group of 6 to 9 learners.
Intended for learners who find learning a foreign language in a group easier and more
interesting while still enjoying the advantages of the inlingua® method.
- classes are held 2 or 3 times a week, with fixed times of 17.00, 18.40, 20.20 PM
- extra lessons are organized in the morning or on weekends.
- the lessons are held at an inlingua centre.

General programmes
You can explore useful and interesting everyday life topics if you choose our
GPP (General Purpose Programmes).
Level: 1A – 5B
From simple communication in a foreign language to a sophisticated way of expressing
What level will you reach?
It's your choice!

Business programmes
APP (Accelerated Professional Programs)
Level: 1A – 3B
Obtain much-needed self-confidence through the continuous process of practicing the target language and face the business challenges abroad effortlessly!
We offer Business German for absolute beginners!
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Thematic business programmes
Business German: modern - modular - market - oriented
What do you need Business German for? It all depends: on the work you do and your position and responsibilities in the company.
One staff member may have to get results by giving presentations, another by conducting successful negotiations. Yet another has to hold meetings, while his office colleague is responsible for the correspondence, or for direct communication with customers by phone or in person.
inlingua Training Modules The inlingua modular training program therefore focuses on your specific area of competence and the situations in which you need to communicate. We have a total of six modules, all of which enable you to acquire professional and authentic expertise for communication with business partners worldwide:
* Meetings
* Negotiations
* Presentations
* Telephoning
* Business Correspondence
* Socializing Across Cultures
Each communication situation offers two possibilities: The Basic Module acts as an introduction to the subject area and provides training in basic skills combined with an APP program. The Advanced Module functions as a program on its own comprehensive, focused and efficient. Supplementary training material is provided, plus a CD which enables you to do further practice and consolidate your skills.