Determine your language level

In order to determine your language level you need to you take the Progressive Online Test and then contact us to schedule an appointment for an oral assessment test, free of charge.

This placement tests will give us the level you need to start your course speaking lessons. Your test result may also help you choose a program to focus on specialized lessons covering speaking, listening, business English, TOEFL, or Cambridge FCE or CAE.

Take the inlingua Tests to be placed within the inlingua level system and get a detailed assessment of your knowledge.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the link to open the inlingua Online Placement Tests.
  2. Select you want to take the test in English and click on TAKE THE TEST.
  3. Choose YES to the question Do you want us to send your result to the inlingua center of your choice? Then choose country SERBIA and BELGRADE
  4. Register your personal information. Make sure you type in your LAST NAME, FIRST NAME, your EMAIL address.
  5. Select from the list the English level you think you are (Beginner, Basic, Advanced, Good, Proficient) and then click on TAKE THE TEST.
  6. Finish all the questions until you receive the score. In this moment, you have finished.
  7. inlingua Belgrade will receive the results of your test and a detailed evaluation.

    Types of questions on the Test

There are different types of questions. For example:

  • DRAG AND DROP: Choose the right answer, click on it with the mouse and take it to the right place.
  • SELECT A WORD: Choose the right word among 4 options that best combines with the sentence.
  • ORDER A SENTENCE: Click on it with the mouse and take it to the right place.
  • CHOOSE FROM A LIST: Choose the right word from a list.
  • WRITE THE ANSWER: Type the right answer.
  • CHOOSE THE RIGHT IMAGE: Read the definition and select the right image.
  • CLICK A BUTTON: Select if a sentence makes sense or not by clicking on the right button.

Here are the levels.
Each and every inlingua program is based on the Europe-wide standard set out by the Common European Framework (CEF), which covers beginners to native speaker levels.