These are Europe's most useful second and third languages

Europe is a diverse and beautiful continent with the languages to match. But people who speak Welsh, Flemish or Catalan at home have mostly figured out it might be wise to add some other linguistic strings to their bows.

This infographic from Statista which shows what European citizens think of as the most useful second language to learn might not come as much surprise:


Half of All Languages Come From This One Root Tongue - Here’s How it Conquered the Earth

What do Spanish, Hindi and English all have in common? They all descended from the same mother tongue: Anatolian, or more commonly Proto-Indo-European.

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10 Bizarre Aussie Sayings Explained With Illustrations

Do you think you know how to speak “Strayan”? Aussie Illustrator Jared Atkins helps explain some of the more unusual expressions you’re likely to come across when encountering someone from Down Under.

He created funny images illustrating Australian sayings.

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Popular Holidays in England

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