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How to improve school programmes in our country? by Danijela Varat, our CAE student


The aim of this report is to present an overview of the current school programmes as well as to provide some recommendations how to make improvements in educational system in my area.

Current programmes:

According to the research which has been conducted in my area, only 15% of graduates manage to find a job right after the[...]

It all started with a big bang by Matija Conić our CAE student

When you’re feeling a bit down or stressed, is there a better way to fix your mood than to have a nice giggle while watching The Big Bang Theory? It follows the lives of four nerdy physicists and a stunning, yet not so intelligent blondie.

Brace yourselves to flow into the realms of geekiness and puny nerd jokes. With its crew carefully picked, this show presents a[...]

Too funny for words by Milica Petrović, our CAE student

After eight years of waiting, the most spectacular show finally came to an end. Although it has nine seasons and over 100 episodes it has never failed our expectations. How I met your mother is the kind of a show you`d like to watch not only when you feel energetic, but also when you feel a bit under the weather. After seeing it you`ll be cheerful and bubbly, or in[...]

Story by Isidora Pakić, our CAE student

"Whoaa... What a sight!" Hannah thought to herself as she was looking out of the window of a car which was taking her back home from the airport. She was right. It was a wonderful sight. It was a cold, frosty winter night. It was snowing, the snowflakes slowly falling on the ground and quickly melting right after they made contact. If it were just one snowflake, it'd disappear and nobody[...]

Interstellar by Isidora Pakić, our CAE student

Last Tuesday, I skipped English class to watch Christopher Nolan's new movie, "Interstellar", and I must admit (no offence, teacher) it was worth it! I was amazed.

The story is about the time when Earth can no longer be lived on, and humans have to look for another habitable planet in the universe to move to, utilizing a mysterious wormhole that has recently appeared in our Solar[...]

Pirates Aren’t That Special by Vlada Nedeljković, our CPE student

Two weeks ago, Marvel announced that they would be releasing the trailer for their hugely anticipated movie Avengers: Age of Ultron the week after. The trailer was leaked that night. Chaos ensued, Marvel scrambled to do as much damage control as it could, while the media were reporting about yet another incident of online piracy. It seemed like the Internet had finally[...]

Should boys and girls be taught separately? Written by Marija Kovačević, our FCE student

In most countries boys and girls go to school together. However, we know that their brains function differently. Would it do any better if schools were specialized for only one gender?

First of all, adjusting the educational system for female and male gender separately would most likely reduce the stress students feel on a daily basis. The methods of studying would be changed as well,[...]

The City of Dreams and Music by Ana Stefanović, our CAE Student

            Vienna, the capital city of Austria is also known as the City of Music because it is famous for musicians that lived and worked there, but it is said to be the City of Dreams since it was home to Sigmund Freud, who was developing theories about dreams. But what I will remember it for is wide and long Mariahilfer[...]

A Night at Vilanova i la Geltrú by Sofia Kika, our FCE Student

I spent my last summer vacation in Barcelona.