How to improve school programmes in our country? by Danijela Varat, our CAE student


The aim of this report is to present an overview of the current school programmes as well as to provide some recommendations how to make improvements in educational system in my area.

Current programmes:

According to the research which has been conducted in my area, only 15% of graduates manage to find a job right after the Faculty. The major problem with this is the lack of practical work. During their studies, students get wide theoretical knowledge, but on the other hand they do not get skills needed for working life such as: teamwork, communication skills, leadership and computer skills. Furthermore, hardly any Faculty has well developed internship programme, which is one of the crucial things for the labour market. If the students had at least one internship per year, they would have an opportunity to implement everything that they have learnt at their course.


  • My recommendations would include providing more practical work for students. The more practice they get, the more experienced they will be after graduation.
  • Internship programmes with various Universities will procure wider knowledge and opportunities for development of interpersonal skills, for instance: working in different environment and organizational skills.
  • Guest lectures, round-tables, more discussion classes and visiting respectable companies will contribute to students being prepared for labour market as much as possible.

Should these recommendations be implemented, students will be better prepared for a range of challenges they may encounter after leaving faculty.