It all started with a big bang by Matija Conić our CAE student

When you’re feeling a bit down or stressed, is there a better way to fix your mood than to have a nice giggle while watching The Big Bang Theory? It follows the lives of four nerdy physicists and a stunning, yet not so intelligent blondie.

Brace yourselves to flow into the realms of geekiness and puny nerd jokes. With its crew carefully picked, this show presents a perfect time-killer. The script writers have done an amazing job, not to mention the director who had chosen the best actors he could possibly find for the following roles: Sheldon, an ingenious weirdo with a condescending view on the human race; Leonard, his relatively normal best friend; Rajesh, an Indian with a cute accent who lacks the ability of talking to women and his friend Howard, a self-thought womanizer. With their neighbor Penny, a failed actress, they make the weirdest little team ever.

The show is fraught with Star Wars references, as well as those of comic book characters, because of them being such die-hard comic readers. The plot is outstandingly vivid, and by the time the last season ends all of them will have found nerdy and short-tempered girlfriends that suit them best. How it all happened is on you to find out! After only a few episodes, the series becomes addictive and in about two weeks, you will find yourself in your room not having a life.

I highly recommend The Big Bang Theory to all of you sitcom lovers out there simply because it makes you smile. As it is a cut above the rest with its hilarious lines and jokes, I suggest you start off immediately!