Pirates Aren’t That Special by Vlada Nedeljković, our CPE student

Two weeks ago, Marvel announced that they would be releasing the trailer for their hugely anticipated movie Avengers: Age of Ultron the week after. The trailer was leaked that night. Chaos ensued, Marvel scrambled to do as much damage control as it could, while the media were reporting about yet another incident of online piracy. It seemed like the Internet had finally completely spun out of control.

The simple truth is that we’re all hypocrites. Everyone likes to condemn piracy, while, at the same time, downloading the next season of their favorite show. It is so commonplace, that nobody even bats an eye when hitting the Download button, always failing to realize that piracy is like shoplifting. The difference here is that it’s all on the inter-webs, so it’s not really real, right? Wrong.

Piracy genuinely hurts the owner and creator of the content you’re stealing. The best example for this is The Expendables 3 from a couple of months ago. This film was leaked online, in full high definition no less, 2 weeks before the premiere. Needless to say, the film crashed and burned at the box office, earning only half of the money it was expected to. The film distributor, Lionsgate, is relentlessly suing ghosts on the Internet.

As for Marvel, it is still in pursuit of justice most likely in hopes of making an example of ‘the pirate’ for future leakers everywhere.