Should boys and girls be taught separately? Written by Marija Kovačević, our FCE student

In most countries boys and girls go to school together. However, we know that their brains function differently. Would it do any better if schools were specialized for only one gender?

First of all, adjusting the educational system for female and male gender separately would most likely reduce the stress students feel on a daily basis. The methods of studying would be changed as well, so they would be more effective. Moreover, without feeling pressure to impress or compete with the opposite sex, teenagers could probably be more interested in the studies, as distractions would be minimal.

Conversely, the lack of interaction with the other gender would lead to social awkwardness and inexperience later in life. What is more, after being isolated during adolescence, they could grow up to be very close-minded adults, unlike their peers who went to mixed comprehensive schools and had a wider choice of different friends.

To conclude, while I think both kinds of schools have their pros and cons, I believe that mixed schools are more useful, since they don’t teach you only theory, but life, as well. There you can meet various people and learn how to accept and embrace differences.