Story by Isidora Pakić, our CAE student

"Whoaa... What a sight!" Hannah thought to herself as she was looking out of the window of a car which was taking her back home from the airport. She was right. It was a wonderful sight. It was a cold, frosty winter night. It was snowing, the snowflakes slowly falling on the ground and quickly melting right after they made contact. If it were just one snowflake, it'd disappear and nobody would've known it was ever there. But when there's a whole group of them, they can survive, stay longer, and even make a thick layer. The road was totally silent, no other cars around. The only light that reflected the snowflakes was the one of light poles which were arranged in a perfectly symmetrical manner. She was slowly falling asleep while those thoughts went through her mind, though a worry could not be found among them. ''Hannah...'' As she was gently closing her eyes, she could hear somebody calling her. She didn't have enough strength to reply so she just made a sound like ''Hmm?'' She wanted to say something more, but suddenly heard a loud siren. Just as Hannah was about to turn her head to see what that was, she felt the car kind of flying. It happened, literally, in the blink of an eye. Before she could realize what was going on, everything went black.

Hannah opened her eyes and felt her heart pounding like crazy. The relief she felt when she had realized she was at home, lying in her warm bed, couldn't even be described by words. The dream she had, it felt so real, almost as if it was a vision of some kind. She got the chills only thinking about it. Hannah wanted to stop thinking about it, so she simply decided not to go anywhere this month, and closed her eyes again. She was very tired, because she'd been working really hard lately, so she had no problems falling asleep again. She only hoped she'd have a better dream this time. All's well that ends well, as the saying goes.