The City of Dreams and Music by Ana Stefanović, our CAE Student

            Vienna, the capital city of Austria is also known as the City of Music because it is famous for musicians that lived and worked there, but it is said to be the City of Dreams since it was home to Sigmund Freud, who was developing theories about dreams. But what I will remember it for is wide and long Mariahilfer Street where all the shops are, and mostly about amusement park Prater, the main park in the city where the famous Riesenrad (a Ferris wheel) is located. And of course the food is legendary.

            One of the most amazing sights for me was The Hundertwasserhaus, a building designed by architect Friedensreich. The whole building is made out of differences, neither of windows is the same, and colors on the outside are as different as they could be, and the most unusual fact is that floors and ceilings are not straight but they have curves and everything is crooked. He loved nature and took care of it, he said that he regrets being an architect because to make one building people need to cut down whole woods, and that ruins the natural balance. That’s why he made gardens and planted trees around every building he designed, to compensate for the nature cut down to build it.

            Music is one of Vienna’s legacies since many world famous musicians worked here. There are plenty of popular sites associated with those composers, including Beethoven’s residences for instance. Art and culture also have a long tradition, just like theatre, opera, classical music and dances. Interestingly, balls were famous through history and some are even organized nowadays, for tourists mostly, where they all mask and pretend they live in 18th century.

            If you like travelling and learning about other cultures, my strong recommendation is to visit Vienna because you sure won’t be disappointed, you will meet a lot of good and pleasant people, see some amazing places and learn things you could never have imagined. It is definitely a place worth visiting!