Too funny for words by Milica Petrović, our CAE student

After eight years of waiting, the most spectacular show finally came to an end. Although it has nine seasons and over 100 episodes it has never failed our expectations. How I met your mother is the kind of a show you`d like to watch not only when you feel energetic, but also when you feel a bit under the weather. After seeing it you`ll be cheerful and bubbly, or in one word – amazed.

How I met your mother is more than just a typical American sitcom that has aired on CBS since 2005. It incorporates eccentric humor combined with controversial twist at the end and hilarious twists and turns since the very start. It contains plenty of flash backs as well and the plot has a future-set frame. The show undoubtedly made a tremendous success and won the hearts of the audience right away. What is especially touching is the fact it was made from scratch. Creators of the series – Craig Thomas and Carter Bays were inspired by their own memories and intimate friendship in Manhattan. Nevertheless, one of the main characters – Ted is actually visualized after Carter Bays himself. For those of you who have a weak spot for hotties on screen this could be an opportunity to see Neil Patrick Harris at his best. It doesn`t matter what type of TV shows you are keen on, this is certainly the one you have to pay attention to.

Despite the fact How I met your mother has nine seasons and a bunch of episodes it is still a masterpiece appealing to everyone`s taste. If you are still a skeptic we will recommend giving it a go, because this is believed to be the most outstanding show of this decade.