Hearing is the sense that we associate with our ears. If we lose this sense we are deaf. Deafness affects people to different degrees. If we are completely deaf we are stone deaf or deaf as a post. If we are affected only partially we are hearing impaired or hard of hearing[...]


Sight is our most important sense. When we lose it we are blind. When it is imperfect and we need glasses we are usually either nearsighted or farsighted. Another form of either nearsighted is shortsighted which has naturally come to mean not being able to think about the future and the[...]

The Most Common - And Confusing

You have two hands, a right hand and a left hand. Left is also the past tense of leave: I left the party at ten o’clock. Right is the other side, but also means correct and the abstract idea of the rights of man. – Everyone has a right to[...]

Make Me Understand

The word make is easy to understand and it is one of the first words learned by students of any language. What sometimes confuses students of English, and English speaking students of other languages, is that in many European languages there is one word for to make and to do.

So what are we to make of (how are we to[...]

And Can You Stand Some More

A symbol is a concrete image that represents something, often something abstract. It stands in place of something. That is, it stands for something. A woman blindfolded with scales in one hand and a sword in the other stands for justice. A white dove with a green branch in its beak stands for peace.

Stand for can also[...]

It’s About Time

The word time is used with many other words to make short phrases which can be very confusing. For example, in time means “with enough time“ (to do something) but on time means “at the right (or scheduled) time“. I get up in the morning in time to shower, shave, have breakfast and still be at work on[...]

It's Magic

All primitive peoples, and many modern peoples, believe in magic in one form or another. Magicians, sorcerers, warlocks, enchanters, etc. try to control nature through the use of supernatural forces.

One way of doing this is through a magic ritual designed to cause something to happen, called a spell. Witches cast spells for luck, love, money, etc.[...]

Let There Be Light!

Light is what we see by, and a light is what gives off light.

Light is also an adjective describing a shade of a color, light blue for example.

Light also has another word meaning; not heavy, easy pick up and carry. Both meanings are used quite often in idiomatic English.