Serbian Courses

Srpski jezik za strance
Kurs srpskog jezika za strance

Feel more comfortable in Serbia
Learn Serbian now!

Effective learning only by inlingua teachers with the inlingua method in the target language


  • Individual courses  - One-to-one tuition
    The timetable is set according to your daily schedule. The teacher is there for you alone. The emphasis is on speaking. The pace of the teaching depends on your progress.
  • Semi-private courses with two to three students are offered as a cost-effective alternative.
  • Small Groups
    2 times 90 minutes / week
    Small groups of 5 to 8 students.

- Why inlingua?
Worldwide organization founded in 1968 with headquarters in Berne, Switzerland. A network of 322 schools and training centers in 37 countries.
The most important companies on the world market regularly use our services: from individual and group courses to accelerated professional programs. More than five hundred thousand people attend our courses yearly: entrepreneurs, managers, professionals, technicians, finance and business agents, employees from the private and public sector and university students.
Inlingua Belgrade was the first private language center to open in this country. Since February 17, 1990, we have successfully taught foreign languages within general and special courses to a wide range of students. In the field of language training, inlingua  is the leading organization in Serbia and stands out as a symbol of professionalism, quality and commitment.

- The inlingua® method is active, practical, direct & efficient.  What does that mean?
Exclusion of your native language
Monolingual instruction conducted exclusively in Serbian, so you begin to think in Serbian immediately.
Our method places the emphasis on communication.
The main emphasis is on the spoken word. It is only by speaking the language that the learner will acquire oral competence. The primary aim of the inlingua method is to help the learner communicate as effectively as possible in the foreign language in a short period of time.

- inlingua trained professional teachers
All teachers at inlingua Belgrade have a university degree, they have all been specially trained in the inlingua method and have teaching experience. We can therefore guarantee effective and varied teaching, they know how to create warm, friendly and stimulating environment
The international inlingua Teacher Trainings Network (iTTN) makes optimal further training of our teachers possible.

Also general purpose and accelerated professional programs in 5 languages.