Speed English inlingua® A1 Course

Speed A1 English

In a classroom setting and working via the inlingua® Online Learning Internet platform, the Speed English inlingua® A1 course is ideal for obtaining an A1 certificate.

Duration 3 months
Number of classes 53 classes x 60 minutes
Schedule 120 minutes twice a week in the afternoon or on weekends
Price 123 €

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The conversational method

Our language school applies the unique inlingua® method, based on conversation, which starts from the very first lesson and is conducted exclusively in English.  As a result, our students quickly improve their language skills, feel confident while speaking, effectively build their vocabulary, and actively use English.

Internationally recognized certificate

inlingua® certificates issued to our students are internationally recognized. When you complete a course, you will be given an official certificate (according to the CEF categorization) with an appropriate mark.

Group formation

We form groups after careful and professional testing. An oral and a written test show us precisely the level of knowledge of any student. This helps us form small, similar-ability learning groups. Here each student motivates him/herself and the others with their progress.

Find the right course for you!

The topics, the learning method, the schedule and the number of classes – these are all important when you choose an adult English language course. inlingua® Galindo School fully adapts to the needs of its clients and offers 6 types of English language courses. You need English for everyday communication?  For a narrow business area?  For further education?  Some other purpose?  YOU choose your desired English course!